Crooked fingers straightened.

Wendy S – Halifax

I noticed that just around Christmas 2008 my fingers started to become crooked. It was all very gradual but pain also started to develop and by March 2009 the pain was very strong. My fingers were quite crooked, I could not grasp anything in my hands, my daughter-in-law even had to cut up some of my food as I could not hold a knife and fork. I had been to the specialist at the hospital and was told that I needed an operation.

I went to the Healing Rooms and as the team prayed for me my fingers visibly started to straighten; everyone saw it happening. The presence of God was very strong. However by the next morning my fingers were crooked again and I was really upset. I received prayer some days later but the pain was still really strong and my fingers crooked. However I kept believing God’s word for my complete healing.

I am not too sure how long it was, but one day when I woke up I noticed that my fingers were straight and there was no pain in my hands. Praise the Lord, I was healed!

The specialist had made an appointment for me to return in June, so I kept the appointment. I think he was a bit puzzled because he went through all my notes. I told him that God had healed me, but I am not too sure what he thought about that. I told him I had no pain and I could grip well with my hands and the fingers were straight. He decided there was nothing wrong with me and said I did not need the operation and was discharging me.

Thank you Jesus!