Nathan’s Story

Nathan is a much loved 6 year old boy, who has learning disabilities due to a near cot death experience when he was 2 days old. He had been a late developer in everything he has done, struggled with temper tantrums and hyperactivity, which means he doesn’t sleep very much.

When Nathan began hearing ‘voices’ just after Christmas, I became very concerned, as he said they made him do bad things and at this time his behaviour was appalling and his school work became quite poor.

I then heard of Healing Rooms and was asked if I would like to take Nathan. I thought very hard about taking him as he was only 6 years old, but as I found strength from my faith I knew it was the right thing to do.

After Nathan had received prayer, I noticed a difference immediately and for the first time ever

After Nathan had received prayer, I noticed a difference immediately and for the first time ever, that night he said he was tired and slept right through the night! Since then Nathan’s behaviour has improved so much, his school work has improved and he won a trophy at school for his achievements.

Although Nathan will always have some difficulties, each day seems to improve for him and us as a family. We are all so much happier and very grateful for the love God has shown us.

A Comment on Nathan’s Story
by Paul Clift Director of the Healing Rooms of Halifax

I will always remember Nathan and his Mum and Dad arriving at the Healing Rooms about 7pm one Wednesday evening. It was clear that the family were under a lot of stress and that they were really desperate for any help they could get.

They had been told that they would have to wait about 6 months for Nathan to be seen by the specialists. I remember Nathan’s Mum distinctly saying “I can’t wait that long”.

The whole family were present when one of our teams ministered to Nathan. As a result of their ministry, the love of God was shown to Nathan and his family.

Nathan’s Mother