Internation Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR)

John G Lake

The Healing Rooms ministry was started by John G. Lake over 90 years ago. A man of purpose, vision, strength and character, his one goal in life was to bring the fullness of God to every person.

He often said that the secret of heaven’s power was not in the doing, but in the being. He believed that Spirit-filled Christians should enjoy the same type of ministry Jesus did while living on earth, and that this reality could only be accomplished by seeing themselves as God saw them.

John G. Lake lived his life and fulfilled his ministry in the earth with this type of spiritual understanding, and was responsible for raising over 1,000,000 converts, 625 churches and 1,250 preachers, in five years of ministry.

John G. Lake had such an incredible healing ministry, that according to statistics, the U.S. Government declared his city: Spokane, Washington, to be the healthiest city in America.

Cal Pierce

80 years later, Cal Pierce, a Real Estate Developer, and his wife Michelle felt God draw them north to Washington State in November 1997 and they moved to Spokane, having never been there before. Having studied the revivals, Cal had read about John G. Lake’s ministry in Spokane. He visited Lake’s grave site once each month for over one year to pray.

Since then, Healing Rooms have begun to grow all around the world, and continue to do so, the organisation becoming the International Association of Healing Rooms. There are currently over 3,000 Healing Rooms in 76 nations worldwide.


Eyes healed

Five years ago I was diagnosed with glaucoma and began six monthly visits to Airedale hospital to check its progress in my eyes. After the

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