Eyes healed

Five years ago I was diagnosed with glaucoma and began six monthly visits to Airedale hospital to check its progress in my eyes. After the 4th year I realised I wasn’t seeing well in my right eye., One portion of my sight was blurred but I thought it was my glasses. I went for my regular six monthly check and the consultant told me I had a hole on my eye’s surface like a long strip top to bottom which was advancing towards the iris and would make me blind. He arranged for me to go back in 3 months when he would discuss what could be done.

I was on a Healing Rooms team in Halifax the next day. The whole team prayed over and ministered to me. During that waiting period the eye was painful and uncomfortable but I felt God was healing me and just thanking Him for what He was doing.

I returned to the hospital after 3 months and had all the usual tests then went into see the consultant. He checked my eyes and then did them once again. He said my general sight was 20/20 and the pressure in my eyes was equal and normal for the first time in 5 years. He seemed very puzzled as he looked through his microscopes – not once, but again, checking everything and putting in more drops. Eventually he said to me ‘I can’t find the hole’. What did you say you had come for?’

He was flicking through his notes trying to find the previous results. So I said to him ;Are you telling me it’s gone?’ ‘Yes!’ he said. I leapt in the air shouting ‘Alleluia’! God’s healed me through prayer in Halifax Healing Rooms. The specialist examined my eye again and said ‘There is a small portion that is open’. I turned to him and said, ‘I will go for more prayer and it will be healed’. Everyone in the waiting room had heard my raised voice so I told them I had been healed through prayer at the Healing Rooms of Halifax.

During the waiting period to the end of March 2019 I had to re-apply for my driving licence because of my age. I had stringent tests on my eyes at the opticians as instructed by the DVLA. I passed them very well so I asked the optician about the hole. ‘There is nothing there, only a small scar’, he said. The staff were all very happy for me and I told them God had done it through prayer. So they gave me copies of everything they were sending to the DVLA.

A doctor in my church came to me and said. ‘You had a miracle, that could not happen in the natural’. I am now waiting to see the consultant at the end of March. He has been very efficient and kind but the healing and the glory belongs to God and thanks to His people’s prayers.

Barbara – Wilsden