Riga, Latvia Training Course February 2018

Paul Clift, Director of the Healing Rooms of Halifax recently went to Riga, Latvia to run a Healing Rooms training course. Peter and Ceris Wisdish, Directors of Northampton Healing Rooms were also part of the team.

We were met at Riga airport by Igor Kravtsun, pastor of a church in Riga and Dmytro Smortz, National Director for Healing Rooms Ukraine. We arrived at lunch time and went to the central branch of Lido’s, a Latvian restaurant chain. We arrived later in the afternoon at the Avelon Business Centre, a building owned by a Christian lady, Julia. Although it contains business offices, cafe etc, there are several accommodation rooms on the first floor which are comfortably furnished.

In the evening, Igor took us to a cocktail bar near to the main railway station. It was on the 9th and 10th floors and served non-alcoholic cocktails made from different fruit juices. We had a good view of the surrounding area. The temperature in the evening was rather cold, -4C and it started to snow. During our stay the temperature did not rise above -2C in the day time and one evening it was -8C.

During Friday, we met with various leaders to discuss the formation of Healing Rooms Latvia. The functions of such a group were stated and a meeting was arranged at the end of the training course for those who wanted to be part of taking forward Healing Rooms Latvia.

The training course started Friday evening and continued on Saturday, finishing in the early evening. Many received prayer and were healed or experienced improvement. Peter and Ceris were amazing. For the whole of the training course they devoted themselves to ministering to folk individually. They brought prophetic words, probably to everyone who attended the course.

A young lady, who had experienced deliverance at the previous visit to Riga in November 2017, wanted to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. Ray and Ruth Scorey had prayed for her last November when she became a Christian. She sat down next to Paul, who prayed for her. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit came upon her. With the help of one of the interpreters, she was held upright on the chair as she began to speak in tongues. The Ho;y Spirit came upon her so powerfully, she collapsed onto the floor, where she lay in peace for a long time. She eventually stood up and said, ‘I received everything I came for’, as she went home rejoicing.

At the end of the meeting, the team gathered round those who had decided to be part of taking forward Healing Rooms Latvia. It was a powerful time of commissioning. Marija Šilkina was asked to be the contact person for the group. The members of the group are Marija Šilkina, Igor Kravtsun, Santa Sakalovska, Ilma (main interpreter) and Oksana. They have met together and are working on a program to promote Healing Rooms.

On Sunday we went to Kristus Uzvara (Christ’s victory) church where the pastor, Inta Feldmane, ran towards us, smiling and giving us a big hug of welcome. The presence of God in that church is beyond anything we have experienced anywhere in the world. They devote themselves to worshipping The Lord when they gather. Nothing else matters. Although the meting began at 11.00am, it did not finish until 6.00pm, There was a break of around 40 minutes at 2.30pm. Everyone who attended made a contribution to the meeting. It was a unique experience and it will not be forgotten.