Healed of Parkinson’s Disease

John W – Halifax

Healed of Parkinson’s Disease

I went to my GP because of a slight tremor in my hand. The GP eventually sent me to a hospital consultant in 2015 who diagnosed me as having Parkinson’s Disease after having me do various tests.

I went to the Healing Rooms of Halifax for prayer in July 2015.

I was given tablets to take by the consultant. When I spoke to the Parkinson’s Nurse she said it was only a ‘baby dose’ and it should be increased, but I didn’t take the tablets at all! At first this was because of the side effects. The tablets can make you act irresponsibly and I didn’t want that. I stood in faith for my healing.

I now have a different consultant and I saw him today. I have had a CAT scan and I categorically do not have Parkinson’s Disease. So either I never had it and the Lord strengthened me and kept me strong and away from the tablets or the Lord has healed me.

Anyway, I wanted to come back to the Healing Rooms today, Wednesday 16th November 2016,  as I was reminded of the lepers and how only one leper came back to give thanks. So I have come back today to give thanks to the Lord today.

Also, as proof that I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, I had to tell the driving licence authorities and they have issued me with a licence that was only valid for 3 years.