Eczema gone

Helen N – Halifax

All my life I’ve suffered with eczema. I had it all over my body and it caused me sleepless nights of itching and scratching. I was waking up crying because I was so sore and it had all got infected. So I had numerous trips to the doctors who just gave me cream and antibiotics, which worked for a while, but then it would erupt again. Last year I had at least three courses of antibiotics. So I complained to the doctor who then transferred me to the hospital for tests which didn’t work.

On the 23rd June 2004 I went to the Healing Rooms for the first time and got prayed for. I got better but wasn’t completely healed. I went to the Healing Rooms twice after that and was completely healed. It was a gradual process but by the end of August 2004 I was completely healed and I’ve had no trouble since and it’s now November 2004. Praise God!